• Regional meeting of National Preventive Mechanisms on refugees and migrants

    izbjegliceMembers of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) of the Office of the Ombudsman of Croatia participated in a meeting of the NPM network of South East Europe titled „Treatment of Asylum Seekers and Refugees and the Return of Aliens“ held on October 29th and 30th in Tirana, Albania.

    On that occasion they discussed with the experts of the NPMs participating in the Network as well as the CPT, SPT, APT, FRONTEX and UNHCR the common standards to be applied in the examinations of the facilities for the accommodation of the refugees and migrants. Additionally, positions were expressed regarding the proposition according to which the members of the Network would monitor forced returns in the future.

  • Two-day Visit of the Slovenian National Preventive Mechanism

    Representatives of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) of the Office of the Ombudsman hosted on November 3rd and 4th their colleagues from the NPM of the Republic of Slovenia. On that occasion the members of the NPMs visited the Vrapče Psychiatric Clinic, Zagreb Police Department as well as the Zagreb City Prison.

  • “I Want to Thank Each Police Officer on the Ground”

    Tovarnik3In the weeks preceding the arrival of a large number of refugees to Croatia, Ombudswoman Lora Vidović started monitoring the events related to the current crisis. The Ombudswoman and her associates have been organized into several teams and have been paying daily and nightly visits to the most critical spots.

    „It is still too early to make any general estimates, but from the very beginning we noticed a lack of information available to the refugees, the volunteers as well as the appropriate authorities. Regarding the problem, we reacted and are glad that the Government has, as we can see, accepted our recommendations.I would like to use this occasion to thank every police officer on the ground as they have been doing their jobs with the greatest level of professionalism and patience in extremely difficult conditions“, emphasized Vidović today on the occasion of the opening of the third Regional Office, this time in Split, which has made the Ombudswoman’s office even more accessible to the citizens of the South of Croatia seeking protection of their human rights or battling discrimination.

  • National Human Rights Institutions Exchange Experiences on their Role in Conflict and Post-Conflict Periods

    Monika Cavlovic KijevOn October 21st and 22nd the city of Kiev, Ukraine, hosted the conference titled “The Role of the National Human Rights Institutions During and After Conflict”. The event was organized by the Ombudswoman of the Ukraine with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). At the conference 19 national human rights institutions from all over the world – from Mexico and Columbia, through Western and Eastern Europe, to Iraq – including the representative of the Office of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Croatia - discussed their roles in the situations of conflict taking place in their own as well as the neighboring countries.

  • Ombudswoman and deputies exchange knowledge and experience with Slovenian colleagues

    Slovenija posjet pravobraniteljice slovenskoj pravobraniteljiciDuring their one-day visit to the Office of the Ombudswoman of Slovenia Vlasta Nussdorfer in Ljubljana on October 7th, Ombudswoman of Croatia Lora Vidović and deputies Lidija Lukina Kezić and Mario Krešić presented the activities and achievements in the fields of promotion and protection of human rights and combating discrimination in our country. Croatian delegation was met by Ombudswoman Nussdorfer and her deputies Kornelija Marzel, Jernej Rovšek, Tone Dolčič and Ivan Šelih. The delegations exchanged the information regarding the work and organization of their respective institutions, as well as the experience, knowledge and important information related to their areas of work.