• Poverty and discrimination: two sides of the same coin

    Equinet - European Network of Equality Bodies and the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission hosted the conference Poverty and discrimination: two sides of the same coin on 22 March 2018 in Dublin.

  • Depriving the inmates' rights must be argumented, necessary and proportional

    Depriving the rights on liberty does not automatically lead to the loss of other civil, political, economic, cultural and social rights. Amongst them is the right to correspondence, which was denied to a prisoner who wanted to complain against the quality of service and price of the business providing services in prison.

    Direct correspondence was estimated as a security risk by the prison authorities with reference that he should have sent his complaint to the prison governor who, if deemed justified, would forwarded it to the business owner. But, such judgement on a security risk was not argumented.

  • Discrimination of persons suffering from PTSD in football

    A complainant, retired because of PTSD, was prevented from performing the job of a controller of judging in football matches within the First and Second Croatian Football League, based on the Rules on conditions, ways and procedure of appointment of football judges, controller and delegats-controllers. Since the Rules do not enlist any other diagnosis, which would prevent exercising the duty of a controller of judging, Ombudswoman Lora Vidović has concluded it discriminates based on health status and has warned the Croatian Football Association (HNS) thereof. HNS has announced the amendments to the disputed part of the Rules.

  • The new members of the Anti-Discrimination Contact Points Network

    The Ombudswoman has signed cooperation agreements with members of the Anti-Discrimination Contact Points Network on 9 March 2018. These are 11 civil society organizations selected after a public call, as a way of strengthening the fight against discrimination at national, regional and local level.

  • International organisations commit to building broader support for human rights

    Ombudswoman and ENNHRI Chair Lora Vidović participated at the high level international panel discussion on reframing communication on human rights, held on 6th March 2018 in UN Geneva Office.

    Kate Gilmore, United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Michael O’Flaherty, Director of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, Florence Simbiri-Jaoko, Special Envoy of GANHRI and Human Rights Watch Deputy Executive Directore for Advocacy Bruno Stagno Ugarte took part in the conference.