• Field visit to Međimurje County

    Ombudswoman Lora Vidović and associates on 8th-9th February 2018 visited Međimurje County, where they met with various stakeholders and citizens in Čakovec, Vratišinec, Nedelišće, Mala Subotica, and in Roma settlements Parag and Piškorovec.

    At the beginning they met NGO and national minorities’ representatives and during a two-day visit they held meetings, among others, with County Prefect Matija Posavec, Čakovec Deputy Mayor Zoran Vidović, Head of the Čakovec Centre for Social Care Alenka Bilić and Chief Međimurje Police Administration Ivan Sokač, and their associates.

  • A positive step forward in protection against the abuse of contracts on support until death

    New amendments in the Social Care Act, entered into force on 30th December 2017, bring significant step forward in protection of older persons against the abuse of contracts on support until death. Namely, from now on it is forbidden to all those providing social care, persons whom they employ and members of their families, to conclude contract on alienation or burdening of immovable assets of clients whom they provide social service to. This change was on several occasions proposed by Ombudswoman Lora Vidović warning on frequent abuse of contracts on support until death, due to the fact that in practice the elderly remain without care and property. Contract on support until death meant that the property belonged to the provider immediately upon the conclusion of the contract.

  • Warnings to Clinical Hospital Centre Zagreb regarding enforcements procedures against citizens

    Ombudswoman Lora Vidović warned the Clinical Hospital Centre (KBC) Zagreb not to instigate enforcement procedures against citizens without giving them opportunities to pay invoices. She also emhasised it is neccessaryon to hand over invoices to patients personally after providing health service and, if not possible, to send them to their home addresses. Hence, before issuing an invoice it is necessary to check whether a patient has a valid additional health insurance policy while receiving health service.

  • Upper age limit for air traffic controllers’ employment extended

    Croatian Air Traffic Control has extended the upper age limit from 26 to 28 for vocational training and employment of air traffic controllers. This is a result of the intervention of the Ombudsman’s Office upon the citizen’s complaints on discrimination based on age in employment for this position.

    Namely, due to the specific requirements of this job, like the length of working experience, obligatory health fitness of candidates and the length and costs of their vocational training, the need for candidates of certain age looks reasonable. However, the age 26 limit remains questionable.

  • In memoriam – Jurica Malčić (1942 – 2018) ex Ombudsman

    With great grief we have received the news that Mr. Jurica Malčić, ex Ombudsman, has passed away on Monday in Zagreb in the age of 76.

    As a man with extensive knowledge and experience serving the most responsible duties, he demonstrated humanity, leadership and professionalism.