• Letter to Prime Minister: Respect for victims of Nazi collaborator’s regime should all ministries respect

    Ombudswoman Lora Vidović wrote a letter to the Prime Minister Andrej Plenković requesting his personal effort in ensuring that all ministries in his government respect in practice the Constitutional values, including clear and undeniable condemn of the Nazi collaborators (Ustasha) regime from the WWII and respect for its victims.

  • Independent civilian police supervision cannot conduct police officials

    Since the civilian supervision of the police officials work should be independent, the Ombudswoman sent to the relevant parliamentary committees her opinion on the Draft amendments to the Police Act, whereby the citizens’ complaints on police treatment would be objectively considered by an independent body.

  • Analysis: How human rights protection affects emigration and demographic dynamics

    In recent 20 years the number of Croatian inhabitants decreased for approximately a half million thus less than 4 million inhabitants now live in Croatia. According to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics 47 000 persons emigrated only in 2017, that is, 129 persons left daily, mostly aged from 20 to 39 years, many left with families which indicates on possible permanent character of departure. This fact together with the negative long lasting birth-rate, since 1998 between 5 000 and 13 000 people died more than born, point out the seriousness of the demographic problem.

  • Rulebook for implementation of Paris Agreement on climate change adopted

    After a two-week final negotiations among 196 UN countries and EU, the climate conference COP 24 held in mid-December in Katowice, concluded with the adoption of a rulebook for implementation of the Global Agreement on climate change, that is, to make the 2015 Paris Agreement work in practice across the world.

  • 2018 Ombudswoman’s Annual Report Presented to Diplomats

    On 30 April 2019 Ombudswoman Lora Vidović presented the key messages of the 2018 Annual Report to the 16 representatives of the diplomatic missions in Croatia. She gave special reference to the economic and social rights, suppression of discrimination, migration issues as well as to those rights where and additional effort on behalf of relevant bodies is needed in order to ensure the realisation of the citizens’ rights.