Two-day Visit of the Slovenian National Preventive Mechanism

Representatives of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) of the Office of the Ombudsman hosted on November 3rd and 4th their colleagues from the NPM of the Republic of Slovenia. On that occasion the members of the NPMs visited the Vrapče Psychiatric Clinic, Zagreb Police Department as well as the Zagreb City Prison.

The work of the NPM is aimed at the protection of persons deprived of liberty or, more precisely, on the prevention of torture and other types of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. As part of her work, by issuing recommendations and warnings, the Ombudswoman continually points to the need for an advancement in the protection of human rights of the persons deprived of liberty, with a particular stress on the deficiencies in the health care of the incarcerated persons. The latter was the topic of a separate section of the NPMs’ meeting, during which the teams from the two countries exchanged their experiences and observations.

The visit was hosted by Deputy Ombudsman Mario Krešić.